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Why Westminster?

Psychology students at Westminster benefit from exceptional research opportunities and expert faculty. Thanks to our close partnership with Fulton State Hospital, the only residential forensic psychiatric hospital in Missouri, our students learn through fascinating internships and from professionals currently working in the field. Westminster is one of a select few colleges and universities to offer this level of education to undergraduate students.

In addition, psychology students at Westminster gain extensive research experience and present their findings at conferences on and off campus. Our students have an excellent track record of winning awards at these conferences. This unique undergraduate experience gives our Westminster grads a competitive edge in the job market and on their graduate school applications.

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Passion and intellect are things that I expected from professors at this school while I was coming in. What I didn't expect was for the department and the students to be so close.

Will Grbcich

Class of 2014


Unique Classes

Westminster is one of few colleges and universities to offer Forensic Psychology at the undergraduate level.

Other thought-provoking coursework includes raising a virtual child —make decisions about how to raise your child from birth to age 18, and then see how your kid behaves as an adult — and training a classmate to do a new trick using principles of learning. Makes the class laugh!

Alumni Connections

Westminster students benefit from an engaged and supportive alumni network. For example, alumnus Dr. Gary Forrest pays for two students a year to attend his prestigious Addictive Disorders Winter Symposium each year in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Ivy League

Westminster psych majors often enter prestigious grad programs at schools such as Harvard, Vanderbilt, and Washington University.

Career Opportunities

Psychology majors often pursue careers as ...
clinical psychologists,
school psychologists,
industrial/organizational psychologists
and in other psychology fields.

In addition, recent Westminster psychology graduates have directly entered careers in fields such as talent acquisition, human resources, law enforcement, sales, and human services.

Grad School Prep

A Westminster psychology degree is great preparation for grad programs in ...
and the health professions such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology.

Contact Your Professor

Dr. Abby Coats, Associate Professor of Psychology abby.coats@westminster-mo.edu 573-592-6121
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