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Women & Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies at Westminster College

Why get a Women and Gender Studies Minor?

The interdisciplinary minor in Women's and Gender Studies enables students to gain insights into the influence of gender on all forms of human endeavor.


The program may be tailored to complement the student's major area of specialization, thus providing new perspectives on traditional academic disciplines and encouraging interdisciplinary comparisons. Students will have a chance to take a variety of courses from Human Sexual Behavior to Scandalous Women in American History.

Students may opt to do an internship that caters to their specific interests and future career aspirations. Students have found wonderful internship opportunities at places such as CARDV and Her Magazine and in locations from Angola to Yemen.

Other Experiences

This minor complements many of the majors offered at Westminster College and allows students to explore gender in any discipline. Many WGS Minors also work closely with Westminster College's Remley Women's Center and often take part in Westminster College's Annual Women's Conference.

Requirements for the Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

WGS 210 Introduction to Women's Studies 3 hrs.
WGS 410 Theory and Practice 3 hrs. (An approved internship may satisfy this requirement.)

Electives: Four courses from the list below. One course must focus primarily on Women's Issues (W) and one course must focus primarily on Gender Issues (G). Nine hours must be selected from upper-level courses.

ENG 340 Gender and Literary Expression (G) 3 hrs.
WGS/HIS 356 Scandalous Women in History (W) 3 hrs.
WGS/PSY 301 Human Sexual Behavior (G) 3 hrs.
WGS/PED 355 Women's Health Issues (W) 3 hrs.
WGS/SCA 300 Gender and Society (G) 3 hrs.
SPE 203 Interpersonal Communication (G) 3 hrs.
SPE 303 Communication in Relationships (G) 3 hrs.

Total Hours Required 18 hrs.

With approval of the minor program coordinator, students may substitute another course in which gender issues constitute a significant component. Students who have taken Introduction to Women's Studies may complete the minor by taking one course from the electives list and participating in an approved off-campus experience of at least twelve credit hours that includes an internship. No more than two courses in the minor may come from any single department and no more than two may be applied to another major or minor. These restrictions apply to all courses, including internships, special topics and independent study

Contact Information

Name: Cinnamon Brown
Position: Assistant Professor of History
Room Number: Westminster Hall 207
E-mail: cinnamon.brown@westminster-mo.edu
Phone Number: 573-592-5271

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